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Toronto offers more attractions than any other city in Canada. From a world class zoo to a state of the art Science Center this city has it all. There's over 32 000 hotel rooms to choose from, far more than any other Canadian city.

We love this city and feel that you will find a lot to keep you occupied. Below is our list of the most popular and entertaining activities.

The CN tower is a must see and was recently nominated as one of the seven wonders of the world.

These are the top must-see attractions:

  • Casa Loma - This is the former estate of famous Sir Henry Pellatt. Henry was a well known industrialist and military man, as well as a financier of Toronto. His estate has plenty of history, step back in time and explore his home.
  • CN Tower - This triumph of engineering also known as the “Canadian National,” was built by a railway company that designed the tower to elevate telephone signals high over the city’s skyscrapers. The CN tower is a unique experience featuring 6 high speed elevators that are entirely made of glass. They take you to the top in less than 60 seconds.
  • Ontario Science Centre - One of Canada's most impressive attractions. It is a learning tool as well as offering a fascinating look at science.
  • Royal Ontario Museum - The museum offers a myriad of activities and exhibits for all types of people and interests. These include 'The Age of Mammals', 'Chinese Sculpture', 'Egyptian History', 'First People of Canada', and much more!
  • Toronto Zoo - The best zoo in Canada features Mountain Gorillas, Polar bears, Penguins, a Barrier Reef, elephants, and so much more.
  • Canada Houseboat Vacations - Plan your next summer vacation and rent a houseboat. There are nearly 40 rentals across Canada and over 20 in the province of Ontario with 5 within a few hours driving distance of Toronto.
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